Case study - Alex Julyan


Alex Julyan

What is it?
The website of multimedia artist, sculptor, mask maker and installation engineer.
Alex is a prolific artist and uses all kinds of materials in her work. The challenge here was to produce a showcase for her work that was both minimalist and clean but yet showed off a decent size selection of work.

What else did we do?
Design, development, photography, lighting.

What they said:
"This website was something of a challenge for Fat Graphics and they rose to it admirably. They quickly understood the different requirements of very clear presentation and the role of the site not strictly being about business promotion, but also as a means to present ideas. The site was very much a collaboration with plenty of 'tweaking' at my request. Fat Graphics were always efficient and speedy in their response and what started as a minefield for me took great shape in their hands. I've had lots of positive feedback from other creative colleagues and it has really helped me gain clarity on my own work. "

Alex Julyan artwork