e-commerce & online shops


Its easier than you think.
We can build you an effective on line shop that will have you up and running within a few weeks. All the e-commerce sites we have ever built are still running and making a good profit for their owners.

One of our specialities is adding online sales to existing sites quickly and easily. 
We use tried and tested code to build links to a secure SSL server, and use Paypoint.net or PayPal for online card validation.

Soft goods sales.
If you want to sell software directly from your site, whether it be music or video files, or programs, you can now do so with the minimum of fuss.

For a truly versatile high performance ecommerce site we recommend one of our database driven catalogue systems. This comes with a web based interface that enables you to maintain the store once it has been built - its your place after all.

Guaranteed performance and availability.
Dynamic stores require the server to actually work for its money rather than simply handing out static pages. The average "shared hosting" platform will typically be hosting 10,000 sites so it's going to be a bit stretched on the resource front. Our dual Xeon VPS has twice the memory and processing capacity of most run of the mill shared hosts, plus it only hosts about 200 sites.

We have excellent references and indemnity insurance so your business is safe with us.