Audio recording & Production


Good sound quality is essential. It makes whatever you are doing or presenting easier to believe in. It can make a good presentation into a great one. I have just backed out of so many YouTube videos because the audio was dreaful - low levels, distorted, background noise, one legged or whatever. Over here we have the kit to get it done right, from recording to mastering.

Audio services

We will record new content for you, ranging from simple talking head shots to group interviews and music events. We have the kit to record in the studio or in the field.

We have a range of excellent microphones and some specialist tools to deal with difficult situations, such as cleaning background noise from existing files, or removing reverb and room noise.


Content is recorded with Tascam digital field recorders so we have maximum headroom for mastering. From there it can be saved as any type of file you like to use in your project.