Photography & Video


We are passionate about pictures and specialise in live, location and studio photography and video using excellent cameras and lenses.

We have a large studio with white walls, wooden floor and lots of available light as well as light tents and copy rig for accurate photography of products, whether they be tiny widgets, large prints, people or vehicles.

See external site for some examples - here

Video services

We can provide all the facilities and crew you need to put together high quality video shoots. Consider getting a professional quality video made for your website or YouTube channel to help get your point across.

All video and sound editing is done in-house and our team includes award winning camera people and directors. Editing facilities can provide a wide range of final formats. We specialise in streaming video and content for websites and provide very high quality encoding and conversion.


Edited and assembled content can be saved to a webserver, put on DVD or delivered as MPEG-4 or anything else you need.