Website FAQs


1. Why use Fatgraphics?  [more]

2. Is Fatgraphics a small group?  [more]

3. Do you just do websites?  [more]

4. I’ve already got a website, so what can Fatgraphics do for me?  [more]

5. How quickly can you build a site?  [more]

6. I have no idea where to start really  [more]

7. Will I be able to edit my site when it is published? [more]

8. I already have a website I like, but I can’t edit it. [more]

9. Do you use WordPress? [more]

10. Can you sort out a domain name for me? [more]

11. Do I need web hosting. And what does that even mean? [more]

12. I shall probably need some photos for the project [more]

13. What about Youtube and other social sites?  [more]

14. How about SEO? [more]

15. Can’t I just build myself a website with WordPress and save myself some money? [more]